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The oil of Mallorca is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from the fruit of the olive through physical processes that guarantee that the oil conserves all of the olive’s organoleptic properties..

Olive production in Mallorca is reduced due to the island’s geo-climatic characteristics (the earth, the indented orography, the irregular precipitations and the heightened age of the Mallorcan olive trees), that make it apt for the manufacture of a quality oil.

All these factors, together with the variety of olives present in Mallorca (mallorquina, empeltre, picual and arbequina), give differentiated oils as a result: of a sweet type if they are obtained from mature olives (smooth flavour), or rather of a fruity type, when they are obtained from green olives (sour and spicy flavours).

Olive tree cultivation, and the olive’s production and consumption have a great tradition on the island of Mallorca. Traditionally, the oil of Mallorca has been recognized and appreciated both for the island’s inhabitants and for the area’s citizens which historically have kept commercial relationships, especially with the south of France.

Its history dates back to the era in which the Phoenetians and Greeks introduced the olive tree into the Iberic peninsula, and from there it arrived in Mallorca. In the times of the Aragon crown (XIII century) the oil of Mallorca was already being exported to the North of Africa, and in the mid XV century it was already a product that was exported in a regular and continual basis from the island, especially from the Puerto de Soller. In the XVI century, the cultivation and production of oil progressed and the techniques improved up to the point of constituting the main source of riches of many of Mallorca’s ranches that possessed their own oil press for a long time.

The expansion of olive tree cultivation was developed especially in the northern areas and the southern Sierra de Tramontana (at the North of Mallorca). During the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries the Mallorcan oil played a key role in the island’s economy, both for being a product of change and exportation.

The oil’s quality was eulogized by the Arch Duque Luis Salvador of Austria during his stay on the island in the XIX century, for its use in salads and bread with oil, according to him, one of the nicest dishes on the island.

The recognition of the quality of Mallorca’s oil at the exterior level was demonstrated at the end of the XIX century in a competition celebrated in Catalonia, in which the second prize for quality was bestowed to a Mallorcan oil.

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