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Olive tree cultivation and the manufacture of Oli de Mallorca extends around the whole island, thanks to the exceptional geoclimatic characteristics.

EARTH: Mallorca’s earth is fundamentally of calcium origin and of clay earth, which gives the olive trees some very unique aromas and characteristics.

CLIMATE: Mallorca’s mediterranean climate is characterized by moderate temperatures, soft winters and hot dry summers. The annual average precipitation is 570 mm, further towards the autumn. The high level of environmental moisture that there is in the island must be pointed out as a very important factor for development and maintenance of the olive trees; it repercusses in the quality of the olive production and contributes to the maintenance of the regularity in its composition.

The process of obtaining Oli de Mallorca is the following (traditional elaboration): The olives are placed on a surface, on which they are crushed by the action of some millstones that move by motor. The duration of the grinding varies according to the quantity of olives. The mass obtained is placed in different layers one on top of the other, and are pressed. In the press, through the application of strong pressure, a liquid is formed by a mixture of oil and water. The liquid is left to settle, separating it into two layers: the upper one made of oil and the lower one made of the olive’s own water.

The oil is stored in stainless steel or fibre glass deposits, and is protected from solar light and at an appropriate temperature that, thanks to its geographical localization and the oil presses’ architectonic characteristics, does not exceed 25º C.

The four varieties of olive authorized for Oli de Mallorca manufacture allow high quality differentiated oils to be obtained. So, the Mallorcan olives bring smoothness, sweetness and mature almond flavour to the oil; the arbequina variety brings green fruit flavor, the empeltre variety brings smoothness, delicacy and almond flavour, whilst the picual brings spicy and sour.

Oli de Mallorca Facts

Olive grove surface: 4153Ha
Nº of olive trees: 836492
Oil presses: 14
Oil packers: 23
Producers: 1059

Production Dates 2022-2023
Extra Virgin Olive oil production: 615236.83 l.

DO Oli de Mallorca Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 355676.98 l.

(last update march 2023)


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