D.O. Oli de Mallorca
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5 June, 2020

Our quality seals, our lifelong tastes




The Denomination of Origin (DO) Mahón-Menorca, DO Binissalem, DO Oli de Mallorca, DO Oliva de Mallorca, DO Pla i Llevant and Protected Geographical Indications: IGP Sobrasada de Mallorca and IGP Vino de la Tierra Mallorca, represent the main quality brands  of gastronomic products  and wines from the Balearic Islands.


Representing most of the agricultural, livestock and industrial sector of the Balearic Islands. these quality brands took the path of certifying their geographical differentiation and European recognition, with the aim of guaranteeing quality to consumers. A quality seal means tradition, uniqueness and sustainability factors which are in harmony with all the processes and guarantee the highest quality.  This, added to the values of local product, the conservation and recovery of the rural landscape of our Islands and in the framework of a sustainable economic activity which employs thousands of producers and processors. Behind each seal, there is a lot of work, effort, quality, tradition, history and cultural and gastronomic value.

Quality products are the heritage of the society where they are produced, so they must be known and appreciated by consumers. They are all part of the gastronomy of the Balearic Islands, totally integrated into traditional and avant-garde gastronomy and pair perfectly.