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17 February, 2000

Muleta path

Distance: 4,8 km

This first excursion begins in the road that joins Soller with Deià (road MA10), at the 56,950 kilometre point. From there begins an asphalt path that heads towards the sea, that is the one that we shall take: after some few hundred metres it forks to the left and right, with ninety degree turns.
If we take the path to the left, we can arrive up to the Béns d’Avall Restaurant where it is possible to taste some dish manufactured with Mallorcan oil whilst we enjoy some beautiful views over the sea. But this time we must go right and follow along the tarmacked path. This pathway soon becomes an earth forest track, signposted as “GR221”. Then we carry on, down this track. – Of sufficient width for a car to pass through – until we arrive, approximately one kilometer after the first signpost, just in front of the Muleta Gran houses. The arrival path and all of this possession’s surroundings are full of olive trees with extraordinary shapes. Here we must follow the GR221 forest track’s indications and carry on in the direction of the port of Soller. The path goes around the houses until it arrives at a gap that we will close after crossing over it. We end up entering the Cas Avinyons olive grove and, a few metres from the entrance, we already find ourselves with the mythological forms of Es Camell. To the right of the path, a slight distance from Es Camell, we also find other olive trees of great beauty. It must be warned that, if the path through which the excursion runs is public, the terrains in which the olive trees are found – whether they are closed or not – are private. That’s why we must be extremely respectful with the property and never leave any trace of our passing through these spaces. We continue our itinerary along the indicated pathway, turn back to pass a gap and now the path descends to the right, marked out by pools, along a stony path, until crossing over a stream, just before passing another gap. Then we carry onwards along the path and in only five minutes the beautiful mountain holding of Muleta de Ca s’Hereu, also called Muleta Petit appears on the left hand side. Nowadays it has been turned into an agro-tourism. There we can replenish our forces having some dishes made with Mallorcan oil as a snack and, visiting its oil press, we can find out how the island’s oil used to be manufactured in the olden days. From Muleta de Ca s’Hereu we can carry on going down the track that we arrived on (GR221) up until the port of Soller, or we can even take the forest path that carries along from the holding up to the Repic beach (port of Soller). Both routes run between banks and hundred year old olive groves.

Interesting facts
Price: Free
Duration: 1h 15 min
Difficulty: Dificultat
Means of transport: on foot
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