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Extra virgin olive oil experiences

Extra virgin olive oil experiences

Oil of Mallorca manufacturing companies that can be visited

Son Moragues



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(+34) 971 61 25 41

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Oli Nostro

Oleoturismo Oli Nostro

The Oli Nostro producers gave us the opportunity of a unique experience at their olive grove in Petra, wich preserves the beauty and noble style from the XVI century.

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+34 626202079

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Son Mesquidassa

Oleoturisme Son Mesquidassa


Son Mesquidassa grove can be compared with a sea of olive trees. At the same visit they show the details of their production system and the characteristics of their olive trees and once in the oil mill they introduce to the different stages of extra virgin olive oil production: from receipt of the olives to bottling, through the grinding, the extraction of oil and impressive olive oil storage.

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Tel. 971 064 935




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Oleoturismo aubocassa


The Aubocassa oleoexperience discovers the wonderful world that surrounds their olive oils and a unique, sensation-packed experience learning about the history of their extra virgin olive oils, walking through the olive grove and discovering the secrets of how they make Aubocassa and l’Amo.

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Tel. 971 100 388

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Agroturismo Roqueta, SL

Predio Roqueta, s/n – 07519 Maria de la Salut
Tel. 607 161 853

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Oli Solivellas

Ctra. Alcúdia-Pollença, Ma-2201, km 0.7  –  07400 Alcudia
Phone: 626 010 340  /  971 54 57 22
Visites concertades.

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S’Oliera de Son Catiu

Ctra.Inca-Artà. Rotonda Llubí-Muro – Apartat correu 145 – 07300 – Inca
Telèfon: 971 50 00 01
Fax: 971 50 00 01

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Olis Soller

Ctra. de Fornalutx, 8 – 07100 – Sóller
Telèfon: 971 63 02 94
Fax: 971 63 50 06

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Es Verger

S’Hort d’es Verger. Apartat 56. 07190 Esporles
Telèfon: 609 90 06 11
Fax: 971 71 57 32

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